About Me

Trained at Drama Studio, London. Worked in theatre, TV and Voice overs. Now in Sydney. My natural accent is neutral UK. I can do a variety of regional UK accents: UK posh, West Country, Cockney, Northern, Welsh, Scottish as well as Australian, Gen American, American South, French, Spanish and Italian.

  • I speak fluent French and Spanish, advanced Italian and basic Japanese

  • qualified massage therapist

  • love playing tennis, kayaking, hiking and Zip lining!

Height: 163 cm

Eye Colour: Blue/Grey

Hair Color: Blonde

Location: Sydney, Australia

Thank you to all the production companies and directors who have allowed me to publish the photos and videos for showreel purposes.

Destination NSW - Acuity Productions - Joel Hagan Dir: Cameron Craig. Stills photography: Gavin Maxwell

GBD Marketing: Ingenia Properties  Dir: Jeff McGarn Stills photography: David Hewson

Altura Learning - Dir: Amy Carley

Eardrum/Production Group Dir: Andrew Garrick : Vet (Hero) - RSPCA Pet Insurance

Autopilot - Sam Eather


Special Skills
  • Presenter - Online Video: Speak More Clearly - British Accent Native Speaker - Producer: Esther Bruhl

  • Voice over: Fantasy Series - The Series of Mana - Dir: Ross K Foad: Belladonna - Dark Mage

  • Video/Stills Campaign: Charter Hall - TrueSydney.com  DOP: Ramone Minchero: High Net Worth investor

  • Corporate Video: Altura Learning - Complaints Procedure - Dir: Amy Carley: Freya - Case Manager

  • Corporate Video: Altura Learning - Minimising Falls in Elderly - Dir: Amy Carley: Erin - Case Manager

  • Commercial TV: Tyre Maxx - Grainger Films - Dir: Jeff Grainger: Mature Couple

  • Commercial Web: Praise Mayonnaise - De Republica - Dir: Myles Mcalister: Mature Couple

  • Short Film: There's Still Time - Dir: Allan Xie: Lois - Estranged Mother

  • Commercial TV: RSPCA Pet Insurance - Eardrum - Dir: Andrew Garrick : Vet (Hero) 

  • Short Film: Snagged to the Core - Dir: Jack Twyford: Deborah (Mum)

  • Corporate Video: Altura Learning - Anti-bullying - Dir: Amy Carley: Trish - Nurse Leader TL3

  • Stills Shoot: Seating Matters - Dir: Kirsten Clark: Model - Carer

  • Video/Stills Campaign: Ingenia Lifestyle Properties - GBD Marketing - Dir: Jeff McGarn: Model

  • Medical Training Video: HETI - The ID Crowd - Dir: Nathan Price: Dr Becker (Psychologist)

  • Voice over: Centrum Vitamin Supplement for kids - MJ Fusion: Producer: Jaiden Huang

  • Commercial Web: Acuvue - Lone Ross Productions - Dir: Imogen Ross: Model shopper

  • Medical Training Video: UNSW - Dir: Enoch Chan: Genetic Counsellor (Dr)

  • Video/Stills Campaign: Destination NSW - Acuity Productions Ltd - Tourist - Older Couple

  • Corporate Video: Altura Learning - Cultural Awareness - Dir: Amy Carley: Lucia - Aussie/Italian care worker

  • Commercial Web: Afterpay - Grumpy Sailor Creative - Dir: James Boyce: Pauline - Mum of Millenial

  • Voice over: Swingtime Creative - Educational content for learning English: Various Roles: Teacher, Mum, Grandma, Presenter

  • Short Film: The Novak Project - Dir: Krishan Mistry: 'Mother' - Head of Novak Corporation

  • Commercial Web: Autopilot - Dir: Sam Eather: Lead Interviewer 


  • Commercial Web: Autopilot - Dir: Sam Eather: Lead Interviewer 

  • Short Film: Caved In - Mockumentary - Dir: Sath Nadesan: Diane

  • Short Film: More than you know - Dir: Simon Talvend Gillner: Emma

  • Short Film: Inheritance - Dir: Josh Hernandez: Rachel

  • Short Film: Going Twice - Dir: Asha Ray: Yvette - French Auctioneer

  • Corporate Video: Altura Learning - Medication Management Dir: Scott Xavier-Higgins - GP


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