About Me

Height: 163 cm

Eye Colour: Blue/Grey

Hair Color: Blonde

Location: Sydney, Australia


Trained at Drama Studio, London. Worked in theatre, TV and Voice overs. Now in Sydney. My natural accent is neutral UK. I can do a variety of regional UK accents: UK posh, West Country, Cockney, Northern, Welsh, Scottish as well as Australian, Gen American, American South, French, Spanish and Italian.

  • I speak fluent French and Spanish, advanced Italian and basic Japanese

  • qualified massage therapist

  • love playing tennis, kayaking, hiking and Zip lining!

Special Skills

Thank you to all the production companies and directors who have allowed me to publish the photos and videos for showreel purposes.

AAT/Kings Travel - Photographer - James Horan

Tyremax Maxxis - Grainger Films - Jeff Grainger

Destination NSW - Acuity Productions - Joel Hagan Dir: Cameron Craig. Stills photography: Gavin Maxwell

GBD Marketing: Ingenia Properties  Dir: Jeff McGarn Stills photography: David Hewson

Altura Learning - Dir: Amy Carley

Eardrum/Production Group Dir: Andrew Garrick : Vet (Hero) - RSPCA Pet Insurance

Autopilot - Sam Eather


  • Commercial TV: RSPCA Pet Insurance - Eardrum/Production Group - Dir: Andrew Garrick: Vet (Hero)

  • Video/Stills Campaign: AAT/Kings Travel - NT shoot Stills Photographer: James Horan

  • Corporate Video: Altura Learning - Documenting in a Home Care Setting - Dir: Adrian Ussher: Rhonda (daughter)

  • POC Short Film: Producer: Kesari Bhattacharya Dir: Alessia Francischiello: Carol

  • Feature Film: Barrangal Skin: Stolen Generations - Kellyville High School Media Team - Dir: Fabio Caprarelli: Charlotte - Missioner's Wife

  • Voice over: French accent - Moulin Rouge narration - music video - Producer: Paul Andre

  • Presenter - Online Video: Speak More Clearly - British Accent Native Speaker - Producer: Esther Bruhl

  • Voice over: Fantasy Series - The Series of Mana - Dir: Ross K Foad: Belladonna - Dark Mage

  • Video/Stills Campaign: Charter Hall - TrueSydney.com  DOP: Ramone Minchero: High Net Worth investor

  • Corporate Video: Altura Learning - Complaints Procedure - Dir: Amy Carley: Freya - Case Manager

  • Corporate Video: Altura Learning - Minimising Falls in Elderly - Dir: Amy Carley: Erin - Case Manager

  • Commercial TV: Tyremax - Maxxis - Grainger Films - Dir: Jeff Grainger: Mature Couple

  • Commercial Web: Praise Mayonnaise - De Republica - Dir: Myles Mcalister: Mature Couple

  • Short Film: There's Still Time - Dir: Allan Xie: Lois - Estranged Mother

  • Commercial TV: RSPCA Pet Insurance - Eardrum - Dir: Andrew Garrick : Vet (Hero) 

  • Short Film: Snagged to the Core - Dir: Jack Twyford: Deborah (Mum)

  • Corporate Video: Altura Learning - Anti-bullying - Dir: Amy Carley: Trish - Nurse Leader TL3

  • Stills Shoot: Seating Matters - Dir: Kirsten Clark: Model - Carer

  • Video/Stills Campaign: Ingenia Lifestyle Properties - GBD Marketing - Dir: Jeff McGarn: Model

  • Medical Training Video: HETI - The ID Crowd - Dir: Nathan Price: Dr Becker (Psychologist)

  • Voice over: Centrum Vitamin Supplement for kids - MJ Fusion: Producer: Jaiden Huang

  • Commercial Web: Acuvue - Lone Ross Productions - Dir: Imogen Ross: Model shopper

  • Medical Training Video: UNSW - Dir: Enoch Chan: Genetic Counsellor (Dr)

  • Video/Stills Campaign: Destination NSW - Acuity Productions Ltd - Tourist - Older Couple

  • Corporate Video: Altura Learning - Cultural Awareness - Dir: Amy Carley: Lucia - Aussie/Italian care worker

  • Commercial Web: Afterpay - Grumpy Sailor Creative - Dir: James Boyce: Pauline - Mum of Millenial

  • Voice over: Swingtime Creative - Educational content for learning English: Various Roles: Teacher, Mum, Grandma, Presenter

  • Short Film: The Novak Project - Dir: Krishan Mistry: 'Mother' - Head of Novak Corporation

  • Commercial Web: Autopilot - Dir: Sam Eather: Lead Interviewer 


  • Commercial Web: Autopilot - Dir: Sam Eather: Lead Interviewer 

  • Short Film: Caved In - Mockumentary - Dir: Sath Nadesan: Diane

  • Short Film: More than you know - Dir: Simon Talvend Gillner: Emma

  • Short Film: Inheritance - Dir: Josh Hernandez: Rachel

  • Short Film: Going Twice - Dir: Asha Ray: Yvette - French Auctioneer

  • Corporate Video: Altura Learning - Medication Management Dir: Scott Xavier-Higgins - GP


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